Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Across The Isle of Wight.

Here at Clearview we strive to deliver high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning across the Isle of Wight at Extremely competitive prices.

Five reasons why should you choose Clearview Carpet Cleaning?

(1) -Professionally trained carpet & upholstery cleaning technicians
our technicians have undergone a through training regime specializing in material recognition and chemical selection, stain identification removal and cleaning process tailored to our equipment.

(2) -Industry leading chemicals
At Clearview IOW we only use the best chemicals available for our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service.We stock Chemicals for ALL carpet materials including WOOLSAFE ® approved products. In most cases our chemicals are ECO-friendly and all chemicals are safe for your children and pets.

(3) -Industry leading stain removal
Without the correct knowledge trying to remove stains from carpets can cause permanent damage to carpets. Our trained technicians are able to identify stains , fabric and correct stain removal products to use.

(4) -Fast drying carpets
With our state of the art carpet cleaning equipment we are able to leave your carpets able to walk on after completion, with carpets usually fully dry within 1-2 hours.

(5) -Fully insured
All work completed by Clearview IOW is fully insured up to £5,000,000.

At Clearview cleaning we pride ourselves on our carpet cleaning knowledge, technology and results. Here is a bit of information on our machine and process.

Our machine and process

Our machine is a high spec industrial portable carpet cleaning machine built with the power of a truck mount system but with the flexibility of access of a portable. As its often asked what the difference between our machine and the likes of a Rug doctor,below is a machine comparison of our machine and a rug doctor.

Features Rug Doctor* Our machine What does this mean?
Vacuum Motor Single stage 1200Watt motor 2x 3 stage 3000watt motors (Totalling 12,000watts) An increased vacuum power means that the machine is able to extract more dirt and liquid from the carpet resulting in cleaner carpets and quicker drying times.
Solution heating No Heating Solution heated up to 110 °C A higher temperature when cleaning has two main advantages. 1- Aids cleaning and the break down of dirt and grease in the carpet.2- temperature above 80°C actively kill bacteria and carpet dwelling pests.
Pump pressure 28 PSI 300PSI adjustable Higher solution injection pressures mean that the solution being applied to the carpet is not just cleaning the surface of the carpet its fully penetrating the pile to give a fully clean carpet.
*Based on specification information on rug doctor website. Machine: Rug Doctor Mighty Pro

Our Process

(1)First stage of our process is Pre-inspection, Our technicians will inspect the carpets identifying stains that will require specialist chemicals.

(2)Second stage is pre-cleaning this is removing surface debris, loose fibres ,dust ect.

(3)Pre-spray is applied to any traffic areas and heavily soiled areas of carpets.

(4)The carpet then undergoes agitation this actively enables the pre-spray to break down and entrap soiling, while lifting the carpet pile.

(5)The carpet then thoroughly rinsed with a heated water/shampoo solution (Any deodorising or pest treatments are applied during this process), This is the extracted from the carpet with any soiling in the carpet.

(6)Post treatment- if the carpet is of sensitive fibres a neutralising rinse will be applied,If Stain guard is required it is also applied at this stage.

Other Services

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Our 2018 price list is below. Please call us on 07837385224 for an exact quote or to make a booking.

Lounge (15 x 15) Starting from Only £40
Dining Room (15 x 15) Starting from Only £40
Single Bedroom's Starting from Only £25
Double Bedroom's Starting from Only £30
Stairs(per flight approximately 15 steps) Starting from Only £25
landing's Starting from Only £10
Bathroom's Starting from Only £30
Lounge Dinner Starting from Only £60


Single Chair Starting from Only £40
2 Seater Sofa Starting from Only £50
3 Seater Sofa Starting from Only £60
Corner Sofa Starting from From £80

The prices shown in this table is a approximate guide and is "NOT" an exact quote. For an exact quote please Contact us to arrange a quote.

Minimum charge: £40.

Contact Us
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Telephone: (01983) 88 42 15 Mobile: +447837385224